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Fundraising Ideas

Image by Claudia Altamimi
Bake Sale

Requires minimal resources to set up. Volunteers can bake homemade treats or coordinate donations from congregation members to sell at the church or a local venue.

Car Wash

Relatively simple and doesn't require extensive planning or resources. Volunteers can gather basic car washing supplies and set up a station in the church parking lot or another convenient location.

Yard Sale

Organize a garage sale or yard sale where individuals can sell unwanted items from their homes. They can donate a portion of the proceeds to Restore Haiti.


Attendees can bid on donated items in a silent or live auction, with a percentage of the proceeds donated to Restore Haiti.


Bingo Night

Play your cards right and win fantastic prizes while helping those in need. Don't miss out on this evening of fun and philanthropy!

Personal Challenges

Running a marathon, shaving heads, or giving up a luxury item for a set period. Get sponsorships from friends and family for completing the challenge.


Prepare a meal, sell tickets and share about Restore Haiti.  Include a raffle or auction to take it to the next level.


Battle of the Bands

Showcase local musical talent. Money would be raised through ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise or donations during the event.

Create your Own

The sky is the limit.  Use your creativity and desire to support Restore Haiti to come up with a fundraiser that creates awareness and donations.

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