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Medical Supplies List

Attention Medical Professionals

At our Medical Clinic we provide free health care to our staff, our students and their families and the three communities that we support. Our current needs for our clinic include the following items listed below. We are calling on health care professionals who may be able to provide us with some of these items below, which are urgently needed by our Medical Team. 

For more information please email

Otoscope/Ear speculum


Optometric scale

Mobile measuring rod or stadiometer

Blood glucose test strips/glucometer

Door lowers/tongue depressors


Pulse oximeter

Stéthoscope double pavillon

Automatic Tensionmeter

Thermometer facing

Pediatric scale

Examination lamp

Examination table

Medical cart

Eye test chart

Non-absorbable suture thread 3.0/4/5/2

Sterile gauze


Examination sheet



Urine strips

Hematology analyzer



Our Medical Team

Dr Branco Luna Carrefour 2.jpeg

Dr. Branco Luna

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-08 at 11.20.37 AM (1).jpeg

Lancie Cherubin (nurse), Dr. Marie Obed Fontin, Marie Ludie Michel (nurse), Mirlène Celestin (nurse).

New Doctor Carrefour March 2023 (2).jpeg

Dr. Luna at our clinic in Carrefour

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