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New Donor/Payment System

We’ve heard your requests for more information on your students and have built our own portal.  The basics are complete, but more features are coming. The first thing we need to do is switch you to our new payment vendor, Stripe.

Follow the instructions below to begin the process.

  1. Enter your email address on this page

  2. You will receive an email asking you to reset your password

  3. Once you have reset your password login at


4. Upon logging in you will see the following navigation at the top

5. Click on Billing


6. Click on Manage Payment Methods


7. After clicking on Management Payment Methods you will be redirected to Stripe (our payment management system)


8. Your email address will be pre-populated in the Email field

9. Click on Send

10. You will receive an email that looks like this


11. Click on Log in

12. You will be redirected to a page like this


13. Click Add payment method

14. After adding and saving your payment method email us at and we will set-up your recurring payment for your sponsorship.

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