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Carrefour Program Update

Updated: Apr 10

The community of Carrefour, which is located near the capital city of Port au Prince, has been hit hard with the ongoing gang activity that has plagued Haiti for what seems like forever. All of our students and staff are safe but face extreme challenges, moreso than in our Jacmel and Morne Oge communities that we serve.

Despite this, under the management of our amazing Program Manager in Carrefour, Guerlyn Moline, (second from the left in photo above) our Feeding Program continues to operate as often as possible.

A couple of weekends ago some of our program participant students (as pictured above) gathered to enjoy a hot meal with a prayer beforehand, play some games and share many laughs and smiles ... see videos below!!

Before our students eat a meal at our feeding programs they begin with a prayer, as seen in this video from our Feeding Program in the Carrefour community a couple of weekends ago.

Some of our students in the Carrefour community having a blast playing a game. Even amidst the ongoing turmoil in Haiti they continue to have hope and love in their hearts and a determination to keep moving forward and enjoy life. 


With March upon now us, some of our students and their teacher in the Carrefour community that we support celebrated this new month and the fact that they were able to safely be in school, despite the ongoing and increasing violence in Haiti, with some pretty funky dancing. The hearts and spirit of the Haitian people is second to none, even during the most challenging times. If you have ever come to Haiti with us on a volunteer trip, you know what we mean as it simply cannot be expressed in words, only felt by being in the presence of it.

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