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Happy New Year!!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Thank you for such a great end of year collection ... we even had a $5,000 match that we met on Dec 30th!

We sent a gift to all who have sponsored so faithfully for years with a recent photo of the child that you sponsor (if you didn't receive yours please let us know). What an amazing change in these students ... their progress is transformational thanks to YOU!!

Looking ahead we will be ...

  • Sending the financial donations that we received for the 1000+ food packages to be delivered in the month of January

  • Continuing to purchase from local vendors to help support the local economy and families

  • Shipping some supplies down (that we were unable to purchase in Haiti) which had been halted due to the unrest in Haiti in recent months

  • So thankful to see our primary and university students having returned to their schools

  • Continue to be so grateful for our Haitian staff!! We employ over 50 employees who do their jobs with such professionalism, integrity and skill ... we couldn't do what we do without them!!

Is your credit card information up to date or expiring soon?

Do you pay annually via a check or other form of non-automatic payment?

Have you moved and need to provide us with your new address?

** In order to run our programs effectively we rely on your financial support **

If you need to update your credit card, make a payment etc. please email us ... thank you!!


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