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Meet our Social Media Duo in Haiti

At Restore Haiti we have an amazing Communications Team. Two members of this team are Jackson Yordy and Félix Polymice. Their focus is Social Media, so if you look on our social media platforms you will see posts from them as they share content live from our programs and of life in Haiti in general.

Both Félix and Jackson are eager to learn what makes an effective social media post with Félix responsible for taking compelling videos and photos and Jackson responsible for creating informative text to accompany the videos and photos, under the guidance and feedback of our North American staff. Posts made by Jackson and Félix will be identified with the addition of "Post credit: Félix Polymice (photo/video) and Jackson Yordy (copy), Communications Team members in Haiti" to their posts to differentiate their posts from the ones made by our staff in the U.S. and Canada.

Jackson Yordy Félix Polymice

A bit about Jackson

Jackson is 20 years old and lives in Jacmel, Haiti. He is currently in school in NS2 (Grade 11). He dreams of becoming a police officer or a real estate agent. He really likes music and also likes science. Jackson has been working hard to learn and improve his English speaking and writing skills and is excited to have the opportunity to leverage these skills by creating the copy that accompanies our photos and videos on our social media platforms.

A bit about Félix

Félix is 30 years old and also lives in Jacmel. He has been working for Restore Haiti for ten years. He is an orphan and lives with Jackson. He says he "loves working for Restore Haiti and he loves his job". Félix also loves working with children and has a special interest in photography, which you will see in some of the videos and photos in our social media posts.

At Restore Haiti we aim to provide employment and an income to some of our students as they graduate or display the skills required for certain jobs. We currently have over 50 Haitian staff on-the-ground in Haiti, including cooks, doctors and nurses, sewers of our students' backpacks, Feeding Program managers, office staff, members of our Communications Team etc.

To make sure you stay up-to-date about our programs in Haiti, if you haven't yet please follow our social media pages (click links below) and remember to keep an eye out for Jackson and Félix's posts as they learn and improve their social media skills.

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