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Meet Our Newest Staff Members in Haiti

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Over the last several months Restore Haiti has hired three new Haitian staff members. Two of our recently hired staff members are past and / or current Student Sponsorship Program participants who, through the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education, gained the knowledge, skill set, and experience to be offered employment with us.

Our newest Nursing Assistant at Restore Haiti, Elizabeth Francois.
Elizabeth Francois, Nursing Assistant

One of the key foundations of our mission in Haiti is to do our part to help build the Haitian economy, empower self-sufficiency among our program participants, their families, and the three communities that we serve, and to provide job creation opportunities. Providing post-secondary educational opportunities, made possible by individual student sponsors and grant donations, makes this an achievable goal for our students and for our mission overall.

One of our sponsored students and newest Medical Clinic staff members is Elizabeth Francois. Elizabeth recently finished her nursing studies and was hired as our newest Nursing Assistant as she finishes up her clinical training.

Yanicka Volcy (below) was hired as our Sewing Team Manager for our Backpack & School Supplies Campaign this fall. Our Sewing Team is comprised of 15 past and currently sponsored students, who are in the process of making, from start to finish, over 1000 backpacks for our students. All 15 members of this team will be earning an income and valuable sewing experience as a result.

Our Restore Haiti Sewing Team Manager, Yanicka Volcy.
Yanicka Volcy, Sewing Team Manager

Yanicka is a graduate of our Sponsorship Program and has also graduated from both the Tailoring and Administrative Assistant post-secondary school programs.

Aside from managing our Sewing Team, Yanicka has established a home-based sewing business making clothes for customers, and she also works as a cosmetologist.

Our Sewing Team (comprised of some of our past and current students) working tirelessly to make, from start to finish, over 1000 backpacks for our students.

The most recent addition to our staff in Haiti is Dr. Guyllard Joseph, who was hired to provide free medical care for the Carrefour community that we support. He will be working two days per month and will be providing a thorough physical examination to each of our students in this community at least once a year.

Dr. Guyllard Joseph will be providing a yearly physical examination to each of our students in the Carrefour community that we support.

Restore Haiti will continue to hire local Haitians and our students whenever possible. Our Student Sponsorship Program, in particular the post-secondary educational opportunities that it provides, also makes our students in high demand for employment with other NGO's, businesses and organizations in Haiti, and for self-employment, thus keeping our mission of working towards economic self-sufficiency of the communities and the students that we support at the forefront of the work that we do.

Please join us in welcoming the newest staff members to our Restore Haiti family ... we are so blessed and grateful to have them onboard as our Haitian staff are truly our boots-on-the-ground in Haiti, running our programs and operations independent of any North American staff or volunteer teams being in-country due to the ongoing political upheaval, which is making travel to Haiti non-existent at this time.

Welcome aboard Dr Joseph, Yanicka (and the Sewing Team), and Elizabeth!!

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