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Meet our Newest Staff Member

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

We are excited to introduce you to our newest staff member in Haiti. Nahomie Jean Pierre Karuah is our new Feeding Program Supervisor in our Morne Oge community. Nahomie's previous position was with another organization as a teacher in their daycare. She will be missed I'm sure, but we are so happy to have her join our Restore Haiti family!!

Did you know that Restore Haiti provides many jobs in Haiti, helping Haitans to earn an income and support their familes. We are proud to have hired many of our past students to work for us as well and to also assist with producing well educated students who become employed in many fields and areas of expertise in Haiti. With the help of our wonderful student sponsors who financially support our student's educational pursuits, our students receive the best possible chance for enriching their life and the life of their family and community.


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