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Providing Our Students with the Best Chance of Success

While it may only be June, we are already beginning to look toward Back to School in the fall. At Restore Haiti we aim to give our students the best chance of success in their educational pursuits and so sending them off to school with a backpack full of new school supplies is one of the ways that we accomplish this.

Last year we hired some past and current Restore Haiti students to design and sew close to 1,000 backpacks for our students. These were so well made that many of them will last another year, some will only need basic repair and some will need to be fully replaced (again made by Restore Haiti sewers that we will hire for this project).

Past student and co-manager of our Backpack Sewing Team, Roselène Exumé, demonstrates the process for repairing our student's backpacks.

What this means is that this year we will be able to purchase more school supplies than in previous years as not as many backpacks will need to be made or repaired, so the money saved can be used toward purchasing more school supplies. This is great news and will help provide our students with everything they will need to assist them in achieving their dreams as they pursue an education.

Acquiring an education in Haiti is essential as it provides students with the opportunity to obtain a job and an income and thus improve the standard of living for themselves and their family. An education empowers students and the communities they live in to rise from a culture of desperation to one of restored hope and self-sustainability, which is our core mission at Restore Haiti.

Some of last year's Sewing Team members (past and current Restore Haiti students) proudly displaying some of the backpacks they made for our students.

If you would like to donate toward the 2024 - 2025 school year and help us provide our students with a backpack full of school supplies, please click on the button below. Every single penny will go toward the in-country purchase of numerous school supplies, ensuring that as our students head back to school in the fall they have all of the tools they need to study, complete assignments and homework, and pursue and achieve their educational dreams.


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