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Restore Haiti Needs a New Vehicle

Updated: May 15, 2023

Jean Mary Michel, our driver in Haiti, explains the need for a new vehicle.

Restore Haiti counts on a reliable vehicle in Haiti to help keep our programs running. It is used to deliver food to our Feeding Programs, to support our three communities that require vehicular transportation to get to them, for safety reasons due to the political unrest and gang activity making it extremely unsafe to travel on foot or in-country transportation methods such as a tap tap, to take some children to school and so much more.

Unfortunately our current vehicle is on its last legs and we are in great need of a new vehicle, the cost of which will be approximately $30,000.

On May 9th we will be kicking off our "The Payback Campaign" to raise funds for the purchase of a much-needed new vehicle for our staff in Haiti to utilize.

The idea behind our The Payback campaign stems from a past annual event called The Big Payback, which is no longer operating but was typically a very successful fundraising platform for Restore Haiti, so we decided to do our own similar event

which we have called The Payback. We want to pay back all of the hard work that our team in Haiti does each and every day to run our programs, support our students and transport supplies, food and medical supplies to the three communities that we support.

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