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Backpack / School Supply Distribution

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

After lengthy delays due to ongoing unrest in Haiti, distribution of backpacks filled with school supplies was put on hold for several months ... but the time has finally arrived!!

Many thanks to all of our amazing sponsors and donors who made purchasing over 1,000 backpacks (100% made in Haiti) filled with school supplies similar to the ones in the picture above (all purchased in Haiti)!!

Distribution Day

School usually begins in September in Haiti, but this year school was unfortunately delayed until just recently, at the end of November / beginning of December. With many local markets not opening and shipping coming to a standstill it was necessary for us to put this yearly project on hold for several months.

With markets beginning to re-open, in-country travel resuming and students finally returning to school our staff in Haiti were able to purchase all of the school supplies to fill over 1,000 backpacks. These backpacks were locally made by hand and all of the school supplies were purchased from local merchants in Haiti.

Over 1,000 backpacks were hand made by local seamstresses in Haiti.

Our staff in Haiti busily packing backpacks with school supplies, ready for distribution in the three communities that we serve in Haiti.

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