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Unrest in Haiti Update - April 2024

A big THANK YOU to our Restore Haiti family for your support in prayers, finances and words of encouragement over the past while with the ongoing unrest and turmoil in Haiti. We wanted to give you another update on the situation in Haiti and in particular how our communities are doing.

  • The capital of Port au Prince is experiencing gang violence and instability daily. This is NOT directly affecting our communities, however our Carrefour community is close to the situation. The leaders of that community are vigilant and even showing kindness to the people that are members of the gangs in the area.

  • The Haitian Security Forces are doing a good job, but it is a daily fight for peace. Our communities are SAFE and thankful for the services of these brave individuals.

  • There is food scarcity and lack of medical care. We have been able to secure food for our communities even though the cost of food is much more than it used to be. We are stockpiling food ahead of time in the event that a food shortage happens. We have good connections to help us ensure that we are still able to provide all that we need quantity-wise for our students and for some of the community members that are hungry.

  • Food, gas, water and medicine is very expensive as the economy is not doing well. We are able to keep a supply of things, but again the cost is considerably higher than before, so is straining our budget.

  • Haitian leaders, with the support of the international community, are working to establish a presidential council to replace the current transitional government with a view to moving the political situation in a direction of order amidst the chaos. We are praying this group of leaders can come to a peaceful solution for the country and restore order. 

Our Feeding Programs continue to operate, such as this one in our Carrefour community.

Amidst much pain and suffering in Haiti, there is also hope. Our students represent a new generation, a generation who can become vessels of change if we offer them the necessary support and guidance, support and guidance that Restore Haiti will continue to provide. More than ever, now is the time to stand with the Haitian people as they navigate through this extremely challenging time.

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