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Student Award of Excellence

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Every year we give our top students recognition for their excellent academic results for the year. The students who receive this award are being recognized for being the highest performing students (the top three) in their grade. The selection of the award recipients is based on the average of student results on the three or four major exams that they are required to take throughout the school year. This year 50 students will be receiving this award.

In years past we typically held a party for the students who received this award to enjoy and celebrate their successes, but this year we have decided to do things a little differently. "Haiti is facing the worst hunger crisis in its history." (The Guardian, August 18,2023 ) so having access to an ongoing supply of food will make a significant impact on the awarded students and their families. We decided to gift the top students in each grade with a goat and the second and third performing students per grade with chickens, with the goats providing a healthy supply of milk and the chickens providing a reliable egg supply and eventual meat when the chickens are unable to produce eggs any longer.

The cost of these awards will be $25 for each of the 50 students that will be receiving this award. If you would like to donate to this very special event please visit .

And keep an eye out on our social media for photos and videos in the weeks to come!!

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