Thank you for your interest in investing in communities in Haiti! Here is a little more about each of where we currently work. Your gift to Restore Haiti helps us to continue serving these communities long term.

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Morne Oge Community:

The Morne Oge community is where the vision for Restore Haiti was born. The people here were who we first met and began working with in 2005 and it is still the central hub of our programs today. Morne Oge is a small area just outside the coastal town of Jacmel.
In this area we partner with Restoration Ministries, a local church, to provide food, education, and medical care to those in need and since we started this program has grown to serve over 700 elementary, secondary, and University/Trade School students and their families.
Restore Haiti’s medical clinic is walking distance from our feeding program, and the area has several schools for our sponsored families to choose from. Our central office in Haiti, known as the Restore Center, is the home of our computer lab and serves as a home base for our Haitian staff, and is just a short distance away in downtown Jacmel.

Matador Community:

The Matador project is based at a school on the outskirts of Jacmel, within a couple miles of our original Morne Oge project. There are currently 240 children attending the elementary school, but due to the level of poverty in the area the school was receiving little to no tuition funds to pay their teachers, and the students suffered from being malnourished.
In spite of these challenges, due to the advanced teaching methods in place here, the students in this school have some of the highest testing scores we have seen. Due to Restore Haiti's core belief that quality education starting at a young age is what will serve as a catalyst for long term transformation, we are driven to ensure this school is supported and that these children are taken care of.
In 2016, Restore Haiti began extending sponsorship opportunities to these students to help support the school by covering tuition costs, ensuring this school continues to be available for the youngest members of the community. A hot meal is provided on site right at the school. Students have access to the medical clinic and can begin to receive the healthcare they need to grow strong. Additionally, with the kickoff of the project, Restore Haiti is worke with our partners to fund new, sanitary bathroom facilities and a satellite kitchen to specifically serve this project site.

Carrefour Community:

The Carrefour Project began as a small pilot program in the fall of 2014, where we focused on providing education assistance for a small group of children in one of the hardest hit areas of Port-Au-Prince. We started with a goal to eventually provide both education and food for the students, when funds allowed.
This year, in addition to the assistance with their educational expenses, students in Carrefour are receiving 2 meals per week, and spend time with our community based Haitian staff members for mentorship and training on life skills and character building. In the Carrefour community, many youth end up joining gangs and living troubled lives, so the food, education, and life skills being imparted to them are key to seeing change come to this community.
In 2016, we will be increasing the feeding program to 5 days a week, and for the first time, these students will be available for individual sponsorship.

Watch the VideoMuch like how we started in Morne Oge, we felt driven to find another community that looks in 2014 like what Morne Oge looked like in 2005; where the people wore the same used clothes day in and out, ate very little food, and didn’t have the means to consistently fund their education. We were on a search for another project to find those in the greatest need, where Restore Haiti’s mission of helping with basic life needs would make the largest impact.

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